Friday, August 30, 2013

Bob Moves and Grooves through Navarra!! Since the speed bump when I thought I had lost my passport, I have gotten organized ( I can just about pack my pack min the dark and know where everything is. That takes a lot of the pressure off when the room is full of people eager to leave. (As you can tell I am struggling to figure out how this blogger app works).. Gstarting early matters a lot as by noon it is very hot, and if you arrive too late at the next town, there may beno place to stay. One morning when I headed out the door, I stumbled over someone who had gotten inside but had no choice other than sleeping on the floor. I am sure I do not know how to adequately describe this experience. There are abundant, wonderfully,ind people all around. One day I walked all morning and never e heard a word of English. I have learned that I love having the time alone so I can just be me and enjoy without feeling any pressure to make sure someone else is ok. Not only are there people from many countries, but. There are also such characters who startle. When I first passed ghetto elderlyJapanese women hauling what looked like their grocery carts containing their gear, I thought I had surely had some sort of dream. But, there they are, so happy tone on El Camino, bowing and smiling to all. And the is the Korean man - maybe a bunt younger than me, witha huge Nikon around his neck, waving his walking sticks and snapping photos at every thing we pass. So many people, so many different reasons for being here - already with. A smile or offer of prayer for you. Don't be fooled into thinking talking the Caminoisjust fun. It is hard work, sweating, hoping the Ned of the days walk is near - very challenging. But I still am glad I am here even though my hips and shoulders ache. When I fainted at the clothesline the other day, there was much concern and assistance. When I lost my passport and thought ihad to leave, there was genuine joy on people's faces when they saw I was still here. So many people came up and said they had been praying for me. So, for now, I will keep on walking!. Tomorrow is another's 18mimle day. Maybe I will last to the end, but its ok if I don't. I'm listening to my body and to El Camino.

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