Monday, August 26, 2013

Bob Stumbles on El Camino

This has been such a great trip..full of meeting new people and seeing new things - some of the. Spectacular!

However, I have hit a bit of a speed bump!  The first two days were challenging - from very very steep inclines to even more difficult very very steep declines.  This combines with not such good planning about food, and sleepless nights to knock me over.  I believe that with sleep I will. Be ok.  Without it, I cannot continue.

Wrests wife is even more challenged.  She has IBS and is both lactose and gluten intolerant.  She decided this morning that she could not continue so we developed Plan B.  we took a bus to Pamplona, and I am sleeping here tonight - or, hopefully sleeping.  Last night sleeping sleeping I tried to make sense of what was going on.  They sayEl Camino provides.....and, maybe the message is that this is not an experience for me...that my Camino is different from this one.  But, I am not sure.  If I get rest tonight, I will continue tomorrow.  If not,  I will.regroup and see what feels best.  I. Am close to Bilbao and have wanted to see the museum there.  And, I have wanted to return to Barcelona and visit La Sacrada Familia to see what progress has been made.  I hope the message is to continue on the Camino.

This has been such a surprise to me, as I have trained well, but also know the importance of listening tommy body.  When we got to Roncevalles yesterday I was done.  We got our needs for the night, but I was too tired to even go reserve our dinner.  When, Don, a fellow pilgrim tried to tell me where to go, he knew when he finished with his instructions that nothing had gotten through!  And, he said, "let me go do it for you."  Ay the Pilgrim Mass I was far too tired to be standing in the church!

So, after another sleepless night, and after Brooke could go no further, we hopped on a bus to Pamplona to stay in a hotel and regroup!

I wish I had more exciting news to. Share.  Success on this pilgrimage has always been to take the first step.  I may hang around here for a fee days, or I may head back home.  No need to decide right now.  Thanks for the many many supportive messages.  I feel your energy behind me.  We'll see what happens.

Buen Camino


  1. Bob, no matter how much you complete, you have accomplished a remarkable thing. The training alone is more than most of us could do. I am keeping you in my prayers and know that you are supported.

    Wayne S.

  2. You inspired me 20 years ago, and still today! Thanks for sharing. Best of luck, listen to your body and enjoy the journey, whereever it takes you. Tim

  3. When things do not go as I have planned, I try to be present to the way things ARE happening, give thanks for each particle, especially the ones I have to look for reasons to be thankful for. All is well. There will be gifts in the way things happen, better than what you could consciously orchestrate.

  4. Bob - I felt the same way more than once. The first time I had to take a bus I felt like I was either cheating or failing. And then I remembered my mantra that "everyone makes their own Camino." And so I got some rest and some permission to take the Camino as a life created with dreams but lived in reality. Be gentle on yourself, remember they are "guide" books not "rule" books and let the Way open before you. Buen Camino. Vaya con Dios. Sally