Saturday, August 31, 2013

On El Camino de Bobiago

Yesterday proved to be such a challenge.  I had a great walk out of Los Arcos yesterday.  I love the morning lithe fee, and I was walking through beautiful countryside.  Before I get too far along, let me tell you that I brought the wrong eye glasses with me...not the ones I ca use for reading.  I know I make lots of typos and everything might not make sense..but I can barely see the print - an olld blind man wandering around Spain!

So, I learned a lot yesterday...don't push too hard!  Do this s,ow enough that it is possible to enjoy it-plus work hard!  There is no reason to PSUH to Santiago.  Just walk and enjoy.  Tomorrow the choices Re 16 k or 25k.  I will take it as it ,comes and listen to my body as well as the Camino.  So, aim now doing El Camino de Bobiago! No one knows where that will lead.  Today my toe was screaming at me...nature why, but i am sure that stopping was a good idea..  When I finish with this writing, I will go for toe therapy.

Today's route was confusing.  Several times I found myself staring at arrows pointing different directions!  So, I would either just wait until someone else came along, or plunge ahead.  Near the end, I was staining there wondering what to do, and a woman from New Zealand, Shelly, came p.  we decided to go left - great move.  Shortly we were at a cafe having lunch!

One of my biggest challenges has been food.  When we leave in the morning, nothing is open, and there is really on guarantee that we will come to a market or cafe.  The most popular lunch is a bocadillo - a baguette with what is called ham ( but is actually fat with a thin strip of meat!), not too appetizing.  And, in he evening - well let's just say it is a challenge.  Bottom. Line is thatiam not eating well.  Today I asked the Camino for food and was blessed with a bocadillo with an omelet on it. And then at. Inch ith what seems like a quiche with eggs and potatoes....yummy.  There isn't grocery ibis town and only a little shop so tomorrow might be slim!

Finally, I have become very famous as the man who lost his passport.  Thursday I was sitting on a bench with a woman from Germany when she asked ifI waste an who lost his passport. That has happened several times - the most recent a few minutes ago when I introduced myself as the man...."oh   i have heard of you!" Was the chorus from many.

This afternoon I mentioned too woman seated me t to me in he kitchen how healthy her food looked.  This was followed ya great conversation...she is from Ireland, a pharmacist who also spent some years in San Francisco.  She is planning tostada mental Healy so we had just a great conversation land connection.  She is walking 30 k per day so tomorrow she will walk out of my life, leaving a great memory!

So Buen Camino to all!  More adventures to come!

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