Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day five? Check. Four to go!

I walked out of Sarria at 6am and prompts got lost.  Seems like I left by guidebook, , I never know where I am!  Yesterday I also got lost...or took a wrong turn and ended up walking to Samos, only added 10k to the day!  Today I was on the Camino and then I wasn't!  It was dark, and in Spain few people get up early.  Fortunately I was on the main road to Portomarin, so I just ambled along, flagged down the first car that came by and asked "donde es el Camino?"  I got back several paragraphs that I did not understand, so I said my gracias and walked on.  It is really very nice to walk on a paved road in total darkness with only the Milky Way to see.  One of the stories about El Camino is that pilgrims would follow the Milky Way to Santiago.  So, I did.  Eventually I found my way to a small town and was back where I belonged.

I've found myself ruminating a lot the past two days about "ending" this adventure.  I will get to Santiago.  I will have done it.  But I'm sure I cannot explain what I have learned or even how it has changed me.  I cannot even say it was fun.  It has given this old man a sense of confidence and some certainty that his life still has a lot of possibility, something that is not as limited as I thought before.  I am stronger and maybe a little less heavy set, as some might say!  I tend to be a home body, and I do know that I can survive on my own in a place where I do nit speak the language and have only myself as a resource.  Maybe later I will understand more.

As I was nearing Portomarin, Antonia, a woman I met last week appeared.  I am not sure why we keep walking together.  She talks about herself constantly and is not very kind.  But, there she was!  I wondered why she is around so much, and what I might learn from her.  I never got any answers, and I was happy when she went on ahead.  Almost immediately I met Albert, a64 year old journalist from Holland.  Right away I knew we would have lots to say to each other.  He was curious, entertaining and eager to connect.  We talked as we walked into Portomarin and then eat down and shared a cold coke with ice!  Then he moved on to the next place.  I could tell we shared a joy in our brief encounter.

Tomorrow I walk on to Palas del Rey...maybe my throne will FINALLY be ready?  Stay tuned!

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