Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Onward independent,y

Hello Readers!

I'll not write a lot tonight.  The situation on El Camino is changing.  Suddenly there are more people and spaces at albergues and hostels fill up quickly.  I picked a GREAT time to leave my trusty guidebook behind.  In that book, I had seven more days to reach Santiago.  Guidless!  Yikes!  What to do?

First stop was the office on tourism.  Concerned and kind but no suggestions.  I decided to go too be of the albergues Nd see if there were English speaking people there who might have left a book, or who might share a book somehow.  plan B was to take the bus to Sarria and meet my college friends there who are doing the last 100k.

At the albergue, no A,Erica's, but, BINGO, two AUSTRALIANS who sent me a PDF file of the book they are using.  So, I studied it intensely and created my own guide, taking only one day longer.  Then I went and asked at this hostel if it was possible to get a reservation ahead.  She made some calls - most reported "Completo!", so we looked at alternatives.  If I walk 1 km less, I can have a room.  Done!

The walk today was mostly along city streets - at least until half way, when the Camino took off into the fields!  I enjoyed it, especially a hippy-flavored cafe...shady with restful music (it'll post a pic soon).  The last part of the walk was hot and long!

So tomorrow I will approach the final mountains before Santiago.  The ups and downs will be steep, but the views are supposed to be just great!  I'm guessing I will get to Santiago next Thursday or Friday.

This part of the walk is much different from the start.  People seem lees willing to talk, there are few Americans, and I'm trying to stay where I can get my own room.  Walking alone is nit bad, just different from before.  I am glad my adventuresome spirit allows me to strike out on my own!

I'll let you know more about that tomorrow!

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