Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nightlife in Foncebadon

Today I headed out f Astorga about 6:30.  These early morning walks begin with more than a little risk. It is still dark, and usually the Camino is not so well marked p, especially when you leave towns.  My strategy is to search out the route the evening before, but not to go too far.  When I am unsure which way to go I either wait on someone else to co e along, or I frantically wave my walking sticks at motorists.  Generally someone stops, and I get directed on.  Today both those things happened.  Most of the way I passed and was passed by a woman from Sweden.  She is sort of a take charge person, and I liked being able to just. Ruise along and not worry too much about bring on the right path.  For a long time, I was alone and not at all sure that I was not lost, but so far at least, I seem to keep headed in the right direction.

The landscape is slowly changing.  I am coming out if the Maeseta and evaded into the mountains.  Today was a long 18 mile steady uphill that got steeper as I went along.  I passed through many derelict villages and found my energy rising as I neared the destination, Foncebadon. It seemed to be always around the next curve, and I was eager to arrive.  I assed so e very dilapidated buildings and walked up the winding road to the town I just knew was at the top f the hill. Imagine my surprise when I came on a sign indicated that I was walking OUT of the town!  Those dilapidated structures?  Right!  Not much here.  No wifi, no market, no gas station. It is a bit odd to work so hard to get nowhere!

However, some time in the eleventh century the Spanish Catholic Church had a meeting f all of the bishops to decide "important" question.  While there is not much of a present here (other than three p,aces for pieregrinos to sleep) this used to be an importance community.  I'd guess that may e 40 people live here, and most of the buildings are tumbling down!

And there definitely is no night.ife.  Somehow when I checked in, I did not understand that I had to reserve dinner(.  When I asked about it I got a lecture about how I did not make a reservation.  I'm not sure where she thought I might find a meal, but she finally grouches that she would let me eat.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I cross the mountains, signified by an iron post.  Pieregrinos are supposed to bring a stone from home and leave it there.  I've brought three scallop shells, one given to me by a friend.  I will place them there, feel my gratitude for my many friend and move on.  If I can rep to this pace I will walk into Santiago on Wednesday the 18th.  Hard to believe this is going to happen.

All is well with me tonight. It is already 8:20, and I will be asleep by nine.  Good rest to all of you.  When you read ths I will be in ponferrada, backin the wired word!

An adventure follows..more later!

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