Saturday, September 7, 2013

On The Road Again!

The past few days have had definite challenges!  Most people would not say I slow down often.  But my foot took over, and I have had to pause.  This created a situation that meant my tight schedule to Santiago was going to fail.  So, resting and then taking the bus from Burgos to Leon and resting more has restored me.  And it has also given me plenty of time to finish if my foot and ankle continue to heal.

This morning I had a full blown case of the heebie jeebies as I was getting ready to leave.  And that increase as I realized I was once again walking and my ankle was doing fine!  Just about all ofthewalk has been across a flat and sunny landscape.  Fortunately it was partly cloudy and a.bit cool, so I got here, Villarr de Mazarife in good form.

One big part of my joy in walking again. Is to re-enter that special space created by having plenty of time to reflect.  I remember when I first started writing on a book, there were those days. When I would be so totally absorbed in the writing that time would stop, and I would feel like I was in this expanding space, a place rich and connects and limitless.  That is the way it often is in walking the Camino.  Today I got lost in thoughts about my mother and my two brothers.  Once again, emotions of joy and sorrow weave together and all of that part of my life becomes just what it is - it does not have to be better or worse.  It just is.  Ad in the "is-ness" it is somehow complete.  There is a wonderful peace in that.

I know there Re more experiences like that ahead.  And, I've already started creating a new Camino family - two women from Finland, a man from Germany, and a couple from Pennsylvania.  I am going to enjoy getting to know them.

That's all for now, Folks!

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