Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Smoking through the Countryside

The past two days have been a challenge, but one that was eat.  When I left the Casa Rural on Sunday might, I was focused on only walking 20k.  I have these wLkingsticksthat KevinFoley gave me, and I have named them Kevin and Cheryl ( never sure which is which) since the ticks carry their supportive energy with me.  As I was walking into Santo Domingo de la Calzda on Mnday, I took both sticks in one hand and just walked once I was on pavement.  I noticed pretty quickly that I was standing up straighter!  I sat down on a bench in front of the church there and wondered if Kevin and Cherlu were coordinated or not.....sure enough!  One was almost two inches shorter than the other, and both were really too short for my stride!  A quick adjustment, voila!  No toe pain!  Gracias a duos!

As I walked on, I began to feel my ankle throbbing and remembers stumbling the day before.  I guess the pain from my toe blocked the pain from my twisted ankle!  No, I'm not going to whine about this too much...once the ankle heals, I will .walk much much more confidently!

So, what are these walks like?  Ay first I was wagging through incrediblybesutifulcountryside.  Next was an agricultural area, and today methought a lot of scrubby area...a tough long walk p hill, once again on a farm road.  I am a morning person, and I love the beautiful light and freshness of that day.  Usually I leaved about 6:30 (try to walk as much as I can in the cool) when it is dark.  I love watching the sky lighten and then brighten and the explosion of color that seems so sudden.  By 10:30 it is getting warm...and the est of. The day. Is not very comfortable.  If I am lucky.  Or smart, I have lunch tucked away in my pack.  But, yesterday the village whe we stopped for the night was having a festival....very festive withal, of the people in e square grilling out.  Unfortunately, since all ofthepeople were in the square, there was no place open forests eat!  How loving is that?

It is it unusual to have to work to find food.  Monday I had a long walk, but ther were few places to buy anything.  I walked into a small village ( no food hr) and noticed other pieregrinos sitting ata table working on their feet ( a favorite pastime).  I sat down just as one. Of the started peeling an orange...she kept offering me sections other food...maybe half.  Then the guy across from her opened a gag of cookies, and al, of them celebrated by age and walking the camino!  It was. A real communion!  Lunch had appeared, and I was once again filled with gratitude!

This morning I walked. With Monique, a beautiful woman from Holland.  She is a hypnotherapist, and we quickly found ourselves in a Rey intimate and heartfelt conversation. Both of us shed a year or 18 and both of us were moved by the words of the other. And so, we walked on.  I'm not sure I will see her again, but I know she has a warm place in my heart just as I do in hers.  The world is full of caring people - but sometimes I am too busy to notice!

Tomorrow I walk into Burgos, a large city where I will stay for two nights...a rest day!  Today at the place I am staying, there. Is a REAL washing machine (for three euros).  I already feel grateful for the really clean clothes coming my way.

So far, I continue to famous for my antics...are you the man who fainted while hanging out hs laundry? Are you the man who lost hs passport?  Are you the man who was so excited to have his own hotel room (ah privacy) that he sat down I. The bed and accidentally dumped his freshly filled water bottle on those real sheets?  Yes that us me!  So many great laughs.  So far the thread I. The seat of one of my two pair of pants is holding firm!  Not having to walk the Camino in my undies hyet!

Stat tuned 

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